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With Watt Bike, take a ride through the heart of Domaine Terres Destel, the only vineyard in Saint Raphael.

Watt Bike is delighted to invite you to a sensory adventure in the heart of the Domaine Terres Destel, the only vineyard in Saint Raphael.

Imagine yourself pedaling through the enchanting landscapes of Provence

Lulled by the sweet scent of the vineyards under the Mediterranean sun. An experience that combines the pleasure of cycling with Watt Bike and the discovery of the art of winemaking.

A bicycle excursion with Watt Bike which will take you through our vineyards, where nature and viticulture intertwine harmoniously.

You will have the opportunity to discover the secrets of the grape varieties, understand the nuances of the terroirs and appreciate the know-how that lies behind each bottle of Domaine Terres Destel.

From refreshing rosé and white to our elegant reds, each glass tells the story of the land from which they were born.

To make this experience even more memorable, the Domaine de Terre Destel team will offer you carefully selected food and wine pairings, highlighting the unique flavors of Domaine Terres Destel wines.< /p>

Book this getaway now with Watt Bike combining sport, nature, and tasting, and immerse yourself in the captivating world of Domaine Terres Destel. We look forward to sharing this exceptional moment with you.

40€ per person with wine tasting on site

price includes :

rental for a 1/2 day of an electric semi-rigid bike 

with on-site wine tasting

(2 people minimum)

Wine tour every day except Sunday


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